RideAmigos Academy

Say goodbye to the days of reinventing the wheel. Say hello to collaboration.

There are many ways to make transportation and commuter management programs great. But TDM managers and system administrators usually don’t have time or resources to experiment with all the possible options.

The RideAmigos Academy is a space to collaborate with other professionals using our cutting-edge platform – sharing ideas, solving problems, and creating solutions.

Complete access to the Academy is a key part of every RideAmigos purchase.

Enterprise Rideshare Solutions

Maximizing Impact Through Sharing

Everything about the RideAmigos Academy is focused on the power of sharing information and ideas. We’re all on the same team here, working together to create the maximum positive impact on commuter happiness, infrastructure congestion, and environmental quality. Here are just a few of the ways our Academy can benefit you:

  • access the latest product documentation

    A one-stop location for all RideAmigos product documentation.

  • share success stories and resources

    Make a bigger impact by sharing with other RideAmigos administrators.

  • communicate with other Academy members

    Access our exclusive discussion group to share – explore – create a powerful experience and a better future.

  • Academy Updates newsletter

    Monthly news and resources from the Academy, highlighting new features and partners, announcing upcoming events, and recognizing the accomplishments of members.

  • Release notes and upcoming releases.

    So you always know what we’ve updated and what’s coming down the pipeline.

  • Submit feedback and bug reports

    We genuinely want your feedback so we can continue to tailor RideAmigos to your needs!

What others say about us

“It has been a pleasure dealing with Evan and the team behind him; I will definitely recommend RideAmigos and look forward to continue working with them.”

Pasadena, CA

“By using RideAmigos Corp’s Virtual TMO platform, Century City was able to not only create an impact on its daily commuters, but measure that impact with visual representations we can understand.”

Century City, CA

“The RideAmigos team are innovative thinkers who can back up their fresh ideas with expertise and ability. Not only do they think “out of the box” but are not opposed to building a whole new box if it meets the customer’s needs.”

Redmond, WA

I just wanted to extend a big THANK YOU! for creating the on-line survey.  Not only does it save me a huge headache calculating all those pages, but it makes it easier for employees to complete.  That said, we had a 96% response rate this year, the highest ever, AND our AVR is UP this year!

Santa Monica, CA