Smart Transportation Solutions

Transforming Transportation, One Commute at a Time

People aren’t just changing the way they commute; they’re changing the way they think about transportation. Your business or organization can join this movement and help lead the way to smarter, more efficient, and more ecologically responsible urban transportation solutions. RideAmigos is here to help make that happen!

We’re here to help businesses and organizations make positive changes in the way people relate to transportation.

The transportation management industry has been stalled for years, like commuters stuck in a traffic jam, bogged down by uninspired thinking and the same old ineffectual solutions.

We’re working to change that by providing a complete suite of innovative, forward-thinking, and affordable transportation management software for companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Time Lapse Traffic - Urban Transportation Solutions


Reap the benefits of happier, healthier, commuters and a more energized workforce while making a strong statement about your company’s values.


Improve transportation system efficiency and cut infrastructure costs. Leave more room in your budget for the programs and services that really matter!


Classrooms aren’t the only place education takes place – ease commuter travel and parking costs while inspiring new generations of forward-thinkers.

Our solutions are scalable, based on per-user pricing. Deliver proven benefits that impact your bottom line, affect positive behavioral and efficiency improvements, and reduce traffic congestion and pollution. Everybody wins!

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations save money, get more out of their budgets and encourage higher levels of cooperation and community.

Our goal is to bring about positive real-world change while delivering powerful benefits and incentives to partners in both the public and private sector. Here’s a sampling of some of the things our current customers have to say about our platform:

The first time I saw their product, I knew they had just made obsolete everything else I had ever seen or used.

Linda Ballew - Executive Director, Greater Redmond TMA

The RideAmigos team is great to work with. They enthusiastically meet every challenge and respond quickly to all questions and concerns.

City of Santa Monica, CA

Saved us as much as 100 labor hours over previous systems we had used.

Redmond TMA, WA
RideAmigos Multimodal Commuter Trip Planner

We’ve already helped a long and growing list of businesses, government agencies, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. You can learn more about our work by visiting our case studies page, viewing our demo video, or contacting us to talk about your organization and the many ways we can help you solve your transportation management needs.